Arkiv | 13 januari, 2012

Nifty title

Sure.. I wake up early in general.

That however does not mean i want to wake up earlier. Dont know how many times ive been up and tried to get the dogs to calm enough. First one dog needs to go out. Fine. Then back to bed. Then the OTHER dog needs to go out because she couldnt go when the first one needed to.
And when i think i have it all calmed down, the cat starts her morning serenade of.. i dont know what. I never know what she wants. She scratches the bedroom door.. from the inside. Its open. and if it trickles closed.. she meows because of it. she wants to get into the closets.. she wants company when she eats… she wants to go outside.. but not alone.

I get one sleep in morning every month.. awesome..

Im tired, but cant sleep. I will sleep later i suppose.